Letters to my children | Phoenix Family Photographer


You are my snuggle bug.  And also my maniac bug, which is what your Uncle Reid was called when he was little.  You are active and exploring and using your imagination to construct various contraptions.  And then you slow down and snuggle up.  When I’m sitting on the couch, you are right next to me leaning on my shoulder.  When I lay down with you for a nap or at night, you take my hand and hold it close to your face.  When you are upset and need some time to regulate, you sit on my lap, head on my chest, thumb in your mouth and take deep breaths.  I know that you can walk, but you ask to be carried into your classroom at daycare.  I oblige because I know it’s what you need.  You head goes on my shoulder and I take in the weight of your body and hope that I’ve given you enough to get through the day.



This week you started daycare part time.  I was dreading this day coming.  You have been so particular about who holds you since you were only a few months old and I worried that you would cry all day long.  I worried that you wouldn’t eat or sleep or be soothed.  I know that you are in great hands, but it was a change.  However, you surprised me.  You have started to allow other people to hold you and soothe you and you went to the caregivers with ease.  In fact, you ate all the food I packed.  All the food that you will not open your mouth for me to put in!  So I know this is good for you, even if it’s hard for me.