Can’t Stop the Feeling | One Year Old!

One year ago, I headed off to Scottsdale Shea Hospital to deliver my baby.  Boy? Girl? We didn’t know.  I nervously walked into the operating room after kissing my husband good-bye.  An incredible man, the man who I recalled delivered my son two years before, held my hand and rubbed my back as the anesthesiologist put in my spinal.  He asked me what I was having and I replied, “I don’t know.”  He said that mothers always know and asked me again.  I said, “boy”, truly not knowing, but hoping because I figured I would have two boys.  I laid down and he reassured me and let me know everything was going to be okay.  As my husband sat down next to me and the surgeons worked their magic, Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” came on the radio and they announced it was time.  My husband stood up and watched my OBGYN pull a baby girl from my womb, bottom first.  He announced that it was a girl and later told me that I gasped (which I believe, because there was no way I was actually having a GIRL!).  She used her lungs the minute she entered this world.  I recall very little about that moment other than the song on the radio and seeing her for the first time; the nurse brought around a tiny, 6 lb, 13oz girl with huge cheeks and red hair.  Tears streamed down my face as I met my baby for the first time.  Unlike the delivery with my son, where I was exhausted, beaten up, and drugged, I was mentally present and ready to meet her.  I listened to her scream and scream and scream, until they placed her on my chest, where she instantly settled.

I spent the next few days wrapping my head around the fact that I was now the mom of a little girl and I can honestly say that it’s been a wonderful experience.

The first year of a baby’s life is such a whirlwind and as much as I have tried to soak in and savor every single moment, it’s almost impossible to pull each of those moments back into my brain.  I wish I could pull up the feeling of her tiny hand holding mine while she nursed or her tiny breaths while she slept on my chest in the fetal position.


It’s incredible to watch her personality start to shine.  She’s turned into a little character with a mischievous grin, who laughs at anything her brother does, loves race cars, throws vegetables on the floor, chases the vacuum, cuddles with her blankets, crawls with torpedo-like speed, and just started to figure out walking.