What to wear | Preparing for your family shoot

You have picked your photographer, set the date, and invested in documenting your beautiful family.  The next thing you start to wonder is what to wear!  For me, this is the next part I put my mind to, and often what I get asked about most by my families.  I know that some people really stress about this part, but trust me, you don’t have to!

First and most importantly, be yourselves!!  I am here to highlight you and your family for who you are.  If you love to wear dresses, then wear a dress.  If you love to wear jeans and boots, then do just that.  These are photographs that are going to go on your walls and will be treasured and looked back upon for years to come.  You want to be able to feel like these are representative of who you are.


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  And I want you to feel that way.  We spend day and night putting those little people ahead of us.  During our session, I want to show case you for the goddess that you are.  Choose an outfit that you love and highlights you.  When choosing your outfit- look in the mirror and then sit, stand, and pose in front of it to make sure your clothes fit and flatter.  Once you figure out what you want to wear, then pick out coordinating items for everyone else.

Find items that coordinate, but are all different.  Choose a color palette and find items that compliment each other.  If you are all wearing the same color or tone, then choose different styles and patterns to accentuate each person.

Avoid graphic shirts and neon/extremely bright colors.  They can be distracting to the photograph and often the bright color reflects on your children’s skin.

Make sure your children’s clothes fit properly.  You want to make sure that your child is not swimming in their clothes or that they are too snug.

Don’t forget to accessorize.  Pay attention to your shoes and jewelry choices.  Add a pop of color in your necklace to match the plaid in your son’s shirt or daughter’s dress.

While we all want to look our best, I recommend if any of you are going to get a hair cut or color, do it a couple weeks ahead of time.  This allows your hair to adjust to any new lengths and gives you time to get it fixed if you aren’t happy with it.

Create a Pinterest board to find ideas that fit you best.  You can start your search on my Pinterest board HERE.

Ask your photographer for help!  We are here to help you and are more than happy to do so!