Mama + Me Sessions

I am beyond stoked that it is spring in Phoenix and time for Mama + Me sessions.  In the month of “mom”, I cannot think of a better way to highlight the amazing honor of being a mother than by documenting you with those that mean the most to you.
In the past I have done these as mini sessions, but to be honest, I want to give you more than what a mini session offers.  I want to slow down and truly capture the beauty of you as a mother with your children.  I want you to wander and twirl and laugh and tickle and play.  I want you to gift yourself the time to slow down and just be present.  You deserve to feel beautiful and to see how much you are loved.
Why a mama + me session?
Becoming a mama is an interesting thing.  The path to motherhood is different for each woman.  However the path, the result is an overwhelming, consuming, incredible love that grows in a way that no one could ever prepare you for.  With it also comes sleepless nights, being stretched in every direction, and always working to ensure the physical and emotional safety of your tribe.
Moms give and give and give, which is why I developed these sessions.  For all the times that you have not gotten in the frame.  For all the times that you have put others before yourselves.  This is for you.  I want to love on you and give you an opportunity to be loved on and cherished in the way that you deserve.  There is no pressure during these sessions.  Just loving on and playing with your babies.  I want you to take away beautiful memories, not just beautiful photographs.
When do these occur?
I am opening up 4 sessions during the month of May only.  I have some flexibility within the dates, so we can collaborate if you have something specific that you need to work with.  These sessions can take place either outdoors or in-home.  If they are outdoors, they take place in the hour before sunset (around 6pm).  If in-home, they are around 10am.
What is included?
These sessions mean so much to me that I have created a special package just for them.  I don’t want anyone to feel rushed, so this is not a mini session.
  • 40-60 minute session
  • 20 digital images (full resolution with printing rights), unless I love more, then I include them too free of charge
  • $100 off your next full family session (promotional sessions excluded)
  • 2- 8×10 prints of your choice
  • $375 (50% due at booking, 50% by date of shoot)
**I only have FOUR of these sessions available, so once they are booked, they are gone.**
Preparing for your session:
Moms, this is about YOU.  How often are you running out the door with your hair in a bun, make-up-less, a bit scattered, taking care of everyone else before yourself?
I know it’s hard to take time away to do things for yourselves and I’m so glad you started here.  Find an outfit that makes you feel like you’re floating on air; one that makes you strut.  Take some time for you to pamper yourself (hair, make-up, nails, whatever makes you feel your best!).  Show up ready to wander, play, and love on your babies.  I’ll take care of the rest.