You were there too.

Dear Moms,

You were there too.

We are usually the one taking the picture and often times, that’s where we are most comfortable.  But here’s the thing.  You were there too and your children need to see you in the frame.

Think back to the photos from your childhood that you cherish.  I love seeing my mom in those photos.  She is beaming and absolutely beautiful.  What I see when I see her in those photos is exactly what my children see when they look at me in our photos.  Yes, I can pick out ten things I don’t like in a picture with me in it.  But it’s not about me.  It’s about them.  You are part of their legacy.  Part of their memories that they are going to look back upon and cherish seeing images from.

So how do you do that?  

Ask someone.  

To start, the easiest way is to ask someone to take a photo for you.  Hand over the phone or camera.  When you’re getting your picture taken, always try to face the light.  One, more light equals less wrinkles 😉 and two, the quality of photo will be better.

The selfie.  

Sometimes it’s the best way to get in the frame in the moment.  Now, I am no Kardashian, but I can take a decent selfie.  Always have the camera higher than your face and angle it down.  Make sure to jut out your chin.  If you are laying down, lift your head off the pillow or ground a bit to avoid a double chin.  One thing to note with an iPhone, the quality of the selfie camera is not as great as the one on the back.  Because of this, it’s important to have good light to help prevent a grainy photo.  In addition, you can take a picture with the volume button to help you maintain a good grip on the phone.  If you have the iPhoneX, you can use portrait mode with the selfie camera.  I recommend the studio lighting setting.

iPhone timers.  

Did you know that you could set up your phone to take a picture and turn on the timer for either 3 or 10 seconds?  It will count down, beep, and take a burst of five photos.  If you have an Apple Watch, you can actually turn on your camera and take a picture with it!

Creative crops.

You can show you were there without having all of you in the frame.


I shoot with a Canon Mark iii and often with my Sigma Art 35mm when I’m inside.

When I set it up for self-portraits, I use a basic tripod, though I have been known to prop it on a table or ledge for ease.

There are two ways I use to find focus:

  1. Use a prop for where you are going to sit, focus the camera, and then switch the mode from autofocus to manual focus to hold the focus.
  2. Stand where you are going to be in the picture, take your camera and set your focus on the tripod, adjust the focus mode to manual, then place the camera on the tripod.

Close down your aperture.  Don’t shoot these wide open.  I usually try to be above 2.8 so that I am more likely to nail focus.

I personally have some cheap remote trigger that I purchased on amazon years ago.  There are fancier ones that take pictures at intervals, but I haven’t purchased one yet.  The other option is to set the 10 second timer and run back and forth from the camera to your spot.  My son loves to push the remote.  Letting him push the button helped get him in front of the camera more often.  I often find an entire series of pictures of him after I finish my self-portrait!

Regardless of how you do it, get in the frame.  These aren’t pictures that you have to post on Instagram or Facebook.  They are pictures for your children to have; for you to put in a Chatbooks for the kids to look at.

Remember, you are beautiful and to your precious babies, you are the world.