Why Fresh 48? | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

You’ve just labored and sweat and cried and brought into this world your precious new baby.

Your body is tired from pushing or being cut open.

Your mind is swimming with emotion- exhaustion, love, excitement, anxiety.

And the world is a beautiful, messy, chaotic blur.

When I gave birth to my first child, it did not go swimmingly, to say the least.  After 25 hours, I needed a cesarean section to safely bring my child into the world.  My body was raw and worn and the world was spinning.  I had dreams of photographing my child’s fresh newness, but I had no desire and my body could barely move.  And while my husband did his best to take pictures, I wish that I had hired someone to capture those first moments- when he received his first bath or learned to latch or was cuddled on my chest.

And that’s my job.

To document when your older child meets his baby sibling for the first time;

when the baby learns to breastfeed;

as your partner soaks in that fresh baby smell.

So that when you have gone home and time has passed and everything is a blur, the first moments of your baby’s life are there for you to look back upon.