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What to wear | Preparing for your family shoot

You have invested in your lifestyle family session and the next thing you wonder is what to wear!  For me, this is the next part I put my mind to, and often what I get asked about most by my families.  I know that some people really stress about this part, but trust me, you… Read More

Preparing your children for your photo shoot

So you have booked your family photo shoot for the year, perhaps with me, or perhaps with another fellow photographer, and you are wondering how to prepare your children for the event.  I know as a mom that it can be nerve-wracking to coordinate all your little ducks and get them in a row, and… Read More

Breastfeeding Sessions | Scottsdale Family Photographer

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness month and I was invited by Modern Milk to provide Breastfeeding Mini Sessions for moms and their babies.  At their Happy Mom School, I talk about documenting your breastfeeding journey.  It’s something that I didn’t do with my son and something I regretted.  The only photo I have of him… Read More

Fine Art Portraits

One of my favorite things about taking photographs of children is that they wear their emotions front and center.  The slightest change in thought or reaction radiates from the arch of their eye brows to the smirk in their smile.  As a parent, I want to remember each of these expressions as my child gets… Read More

Walking towards the fear

“Sometimes what you fear the most is the very thing that will set you free.” Robert Tew So here’s the thing- I am not a risk taker. I would consider myself an adventurer, but definitely not a risk taker. I like to go with the flow, travel without a set agenda, and appreciate the pleasant… Read More

Can’t Stop the Feeling | One Year Old!

One year ago, I headed off to Scottsdale Shea Hospital to deliver my baby.  Boy? Girl? We didn’t know.  I nervously walked into the operating room after kissing my husband good-bye.  An incredible man, the man who I recalled delivered my son two years before, held my hand and rubbed my back as the anesthesiologist… Read More

Day in the Life | July 2016

I felt like it was only appropriate to post my Day In The Life from July 17, 2016 on July 17, 2017.  I shot this the day before I gave birth to my second child.  I have to give myself a little bit of a pat on the back- shooting this nine months pregnant with… Read More

In honor of | Cave Creek Photographer

When I was contacted to photograph a memorial service to honor Veteran, Ken Mueller, I was not sure what to anticipate.  As the family awaited the service, I could feel the weight and importance that this held for his only son.  The soldiers approached in unison and began their process to unfold the American flag.  The… Read More

Aiden | 12 hours new

I had the distinct pleasure of being welcomed by this fantastic family to document their little guy’s first hours at the hospital.  He quickly entered this world and now completes this family of five. Meet Aiden James. To book a Birth Space/Fresh 48 Session, contact

Letters to my children | Phoenix Family Photographer

O, You are my snuggle bug.  And also my maniac bug, which is what your Uncle Reid was called when he was little.  You are active and exploring and using your imagination to construct various contraptions.  And then you slow down and snuggle up.  When I’m sitting on the couch, you are right next to… Read More