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Why Fresh 48? | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

You’ve just labored and sweat and cried and brought into this world your precious new baby. Your body is tired from pushing or being cut open. Your mind is swimming with emotion- exhaustion, love, excitement, anxiety. And the world is a beautiful, messy, chaotic blur. When I gave birth to my first child, it did… Read More

A Very Special Mama | Phoenix Family Photographer

Becoming a mom was one of the most significant things that ever happened in my life.  Some of the ideas I had about being a parent were confirmed, but more things threw me for a loop than I could have ever imagined.  I spent years working with new parents and difficult children; I understood swaddling… Read More

Celebrating the First Year | Phoenix Family Photographer

Being a family photographer, I have the honor of being invited in to photograph all different seasons of life.  I love being invited to photograph a first birthday session.  That first year as parents is an incredible whirlwind of love, stress, glee, transition, tiredness, and excitement.  You learn to find a strength inside yourself and… Read More

Little Miss Lennon Coco | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

There are some people who are just meant to be parents.  Madison and Beau have spent their lives surrounded by children, so having one of their own was incredibly natural.  They prepared a beautiful nursery and excited awaited baby girl’s arrival.  Having the opportunity to document this insanely lovely family was truly a honor. Meet… Read More

You were there too.

Dear Moms, You were there too. We are usually the one taking the picture and often times, that’s where we are most comfortable.  But here’s the thing.  You were there too and your children need to see you in the frame. Think back to the photos from your childhood that you cherish.  I love seeing… Read More

Mama + Me Sessions

I am beyond stoked that it is spring in Phoenix and time for Mama + Me sessions.  In the month of “mom”, I cannot think of a better way to highlight the amazing honor of being a mother than by documenting you with those that mean the most to you. In the past I have… Read More

Their Third Blessing | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

I first met Lisa when I was working as a foster care social worker and she was doing her internship for her Masters in Social Work.  She later joined the agency as a social worker at our children’s shelter, where children were drawn to her and her employees felt loved.  Spending time with Lisa is… Read More

What to wear | Preparing for your family shoot

You have picked your photographer, set the date, and invested in documenting your beautiful family.  The next thing you start to wonder is what to wear!  For me, this is the next part I put my mind to, and often what I get asked about most by my families.  I know that some people really… Read More

Preparing your children for your photo shoot

So you have booked your family photo shoot for the year, perhaps with me, or perhaps with another fellow photographer, and you are wondering how to prepare your children for the event.  I know as a mom that it can be nerve-wracking to coordinate all your little ducks and get them in a row, and… Read More

Breastfeeding Sessions | Scottsdale Family Photographer

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness month and I was invited by Modern Milk to provide Breastfeeding Mini Sessions for moms and their babies.  At their Happy Mom School, I talk about documenting your breastfeeding journey.  It’s something that I didn’t do with my son and something I regretted.  The only photo I have of him… Read More