Why Should You Book a Day in the Life Session?


In January 2015, I began my own personal, monthly Day in the Life series.  Once a month, I spent the entire day photographing our life.  The photos were not perfect, but each moment was.  Each moment showed me what a beautiful, messy existence our family leads.  My home in Phoenix isn’t perfectly decorated.  There is often dust on the furniture and dog hair on the floor.  I do not have wide sweeping windows that let gorgeous light inside and reflect off of stunning wood floors.


However, my home is where my husband and I have created a family.  It is where we build memories of our children learning to crawl and walk.  It’s where we bake birthday cakes and laugh at the dinner table.  It is where our children will remember running around in the backyard sprinklers, coming home from school, and cuddling on the couch.


It’s because of these reasons that I love to photograph families in their homes.  When you look back at your photo albums, and your children become adults and reminisce about where they grew up, it’s these photos that will stand out.  It’s your child dressed up in her princess outfits.  It’s reading to your children on the couch.  It’s the tea parties and laser sword fights and lego towers.  It’s not perfect or scripted, but it’s yours.  And it’s beautiful.

What does a Day in the Life session consist of?

I am here to showcase your family for who you are.  I do not provide a style guide; I want you to wear what makes you happy.  I do not pose or stage you at any time.  I will never ask you or your children to look at me and smile.  I will follow you where you family goes and often move around you while you are doing activities, in order to get different angles or perspectives. 

I want you guys to do you.  All of your small moments, your routines, your reality, are worthy.

And in case you needed to hear it, this is a judgment free zone.  I spent twelve years working with families in their homes and believe in the importance of each family’s routine and traditions.  I am simply here to document the beauty in yours.

Take a look below to see what a session looks like.

I am here to tell your story and preserve the awesomeness that is your family- from the times you comfort your babies, to the belly laughs, to the tantrums, to the messy faces.  There is so much beauty in the world you have created, and so often in the craziness of our daily grind, we aren’t able to see it. 


Let me show you. 

2 hour session
60+ Edited Digital Images
Digital Download
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4 hour session
125+ Edited Digital Images
Digital Download
20% off print products
8in Linen Album (10 page)


6 hour session
175+ Edited Digital Images
Digital Download
20% off print products
10in Linen Album (20 page)