“Too Cool For School” Portraits


One of my favorite things about taking photographs of children is that they wear their emotions front and center.  The slightest change in thought or reaction radiates from the arch of their eye brows to the smirk in their smile.


As a parent, I want to remember each of these expressions as my child gets older.  I don’t want the fake “cheese” smile.  I want their belly laugh expression; their contemplative assessment of what is happening; their serious stare that bores through your soul.


So forget the set-ups and different backdrops.


I want to highlight the awesomeness that is your child.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 10am-12pm

Who: Best for children ages 6 months to 18 years.  For children under 6 months that cannot sit, I will provide a gray flokati rug to lay them down on.

What:  5 minute session per child.  For sibling sets, I will book adjoining time slots.

Where: Downtown Phoenix Studio

Includes: One digital image for download.  The gallery will include at least five digital images per child, in both color and black/white, to choose from.  Additional prints and images will be available for purchase.

What to expect:

I want to capture your child’s personality in all it’s glory.  I will likely play games, talk/sing to them, and make funny noises to engage with them.  I will never ask them to say “cheese” because I want to get their true smiles.  I have children’s music on hand as well.  I go with the flow of the child and their mood.  If you have a little one that needs you, I will have them sit on your lap while I take their picture.  Your child’s comfort is very important to me.


Is 5 minutes long enough for a session?

Most people wonder if five minutes is enough to capture your child and the truth is that it really is.  Most children warm up pretty quickly and are incredibly expressive when they are talking.  I photograph daycares and schools and am experienced at getting the shot in a short time period.

What to wear??


Photos are taken from the waist up.  Make sure that the child’s outfit fits him/her well so that the top of their shirt or dress is not bunching up around their ears.


I am providing the option of a black or gray backdrop and pictures will be provided in both black/white and color options to choose from.  I would steer away from navy or black if you want a black backdrop so that your child’s outfit does not blend in with the background.


I will have wipes on hand to wipe noses or snack debris.  I can edit small scratches or marks if you choose to purchase retouching, but I do not edit out nail polish colors or fake tattoos.


Once your photographs are ready, I will send you an email with your gallery, where you can purchase digital images and prints.   Expect photos to be ready two weeks after your session date.  Galleries will be open for 10 days for purchases.



Pricing for additional digital images is as follows:

One included in cost of session

Each additional image: $35

Entire album: $100

Photos are available for digital download.  You can purchase a compact disc ($10) or USB drive ($15) in addition to your images if you are unable to download them or want them stored externally.


Also available for purchase- prints, canvases, mat boards, framed prints, calendars, deckled prints