I know how valuable your time is as a family.  I promise that your session will be filled with love and fun. I will not ask you to be anything other than who you are.  I cannot wait to turn your family’s love affair into art for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Family Sessions:

Family photo sessions take place either on a mutually decided upon location or in your home.  Our sessions last around between 60-90 minutes.  Outdoor sessions often occur around the end of the day, about an hour before sunset.  Sessions that take place in your home are conducted during the day, when your home is brightest.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions:

A lifestyle newborn session takes place in your home and uses the nursery and rooms where your family spends time to capture the fresh new moments with your baby.  I will take a few posed photographs of your baby using the furniture and unique items in your home that define who you are as a family.  You have spent so much time preparing your home for this amazing blessing and I want to capture this sacred time for you and your family.  Our sessions tend to take between two and three hours.

Fresh 48 Sessions:

Fresh 48 sessions are an opportunity to document your child in the hospital or birth center within the first hours or first days after your baby is born.

I know for me, I wanted to have someone document the moment my son met his baby sister; I wanted to be present and have those memories while not worrying about taking photos.

We coordinate the time of the session after you have given birth.

I know how intimate it is to have someone visit you at such a vulnerable and precious time.  I would love to get together to eat cake or drink tea to chat about pregnancy, babies, and life!